Zen Wreath-Mini Supply List

mini_300Sewing Machine in good working order
Skills-Machine Quilting-Free motion

Light weight linen, neutral tone and fine weave, pre washed, dried and pressed (note: linen does best when pressed while still damp)
Silk Organza, un-dyed, pre washed in mild soap, dried and pressed
Cotton backing fabric, any type

Batting, light weight
Interfacing, light weight

Tissue Paper-About 10 sheets, regular gift wrap white tissue paper. This kind of paper is fine for learning the techniques.

Note: Acid free tissue paper is optimal, but not required. I do use this type and it is available on Amazon.


Either type of paint can be used and or combined-
Chose one type of paint

Acrylic-Golden Matte Fluid Acrylic in 1 oz. bottles
Dye-na-flow by Jacquard (liquid dye paint)

I used:
Acrylic to paint the silk organza-colors: Burnt Sienna, Hansa Yellow Medium
Optional-Include Alizarin Crimson

Acrylic Burnt Umber for the wreath (grapevine wood) or any dark brown

Note: Alternative medium: Paint Stick, brown (natural) shade. A paint stick is easy to use like a crayon. This can be swiped and pressed into the openings of the stencil for the wreath very easily. If you use acrylic paint it will be applied with a stencil brush.

I used Dye-na-flow to paint the tissue paper (flowers, leaves and bird)

My color choices resulted in a very deep rich red with purple highlights for the flowers and a bright blue/green for the leaves.
I combined red, yellow and purple for the flower coloration.

Dye-na-flow colors I used:
Cranberry Red
Sun Yellow
Midnight Blue
Brilliant Red

Dye-na-flow paint is available at Dharma Trading Company

Alternatively: Substitute Acrylic Paint for Dye-na-flow

Use Golden Matte Fluid Acrylic Paint

Color suggestions for results similar to mine:
Golden Matte Fluid Acrylic>>Ultra Marine Blue, Hansa Yellow Medium, Pyrrole Red

Acrylic vs Dye-na-flow: Dye-na-flow will produce intense colors.

Note: The bird: use a thread that contrasts some

Color Variations:
Considerations- If you want softer colors (pastel) include white paint.
If you need input on colors and options, please contact me.

I prefer Sulky brand Rayon thread.
Variegated: Browns/golds, Reds/yellows/gold or similar
Note: The color of the thread I used complimented the browns of the grapevine wreath (wood tones)>>browns/golds
The reds/yellows/golds complimented the flowers and leaves.

Choose colors that will work with your color choices.

Neutral color-For the hand quilting that covers the surface. I used a shade that was slightly lighter than the color of the silk organza. Choose a color that you prefer.

Embroidery Thread
Decorative stitching: French Knots are in the center of the 4 large flowers; I used yellow. Choose a color that will show up on your flowers.
The body of the bird is outlined with a buttonhole stitch; I used a neutral color. The legs: dark brown

Sewing needles-1 for hand stitching, 1 for embroidery stitching.
Gel Medium-Golden Regular Gel-Matte Medium #3530 8 oz.
Freezer Paper (found in the grocery store)
Parchment paper (grocery store)
Fusible Web (bonda web) (fusible adhesive with paper backing)
1 bead for the eye of the bird (I used a small solid black bead)
Spreading tool-old credit card/hotel key
Plastic spoon or palette knife-to scoop the gel out of the jar
Plastic cover for your work surface
White marking pencil
Spray bottle for water
Stencil brush ½”
*optional-Spray Baste-A basting product that comes in a spray can
*optional eye dropper or small drinking straw
Sharp paper scissors
Iron and ironing surface
Paint tray (I use Styrofoam recycled trays)
Extension cord/power strip