Take out Box-Supply List

Muslin-1 yd bleached or unbleached and prewashed. The muslin is used as a base for the parchment/cotton.

You will make a sheet of paper/fabric to make the box. The box is lined with cotton fabric. Usually I paint the paper/fabric various colors that I like and choose the lining from my stash to coordinate.

1. Paint the paper/fabric first with colors you like.
2. Choose the lining fabric with colors you like and use those to paint the paper/fabric.

Lining Fabric
Cotton Fabric: One fat quarter (or equivalent) to compliment the exterior of the box; wash and press smooth.

Types of Paper to include-Collect an assortment of Ephemera
1. Wallpaper
Source: local paint stores-ask for discontinued wall paper books for free. Get several types.)
Various wall paper prints: Use any colors and prints/ minimal with white background, the less white (open) areas the better.
2. Gift wrap paper, scrap book paper, old book pages, old letters, etc.
3. White tissue paper-regular gift wrap tissue, 1 pkg

Paint brushes
Flat foam brush- One each: 1 inch and 3 inch
One good quality 1 inch flat bristle natural hair brush


You may use any type of one of the water based paint listed below. The color intensity of some products does vary.

Contact me if you need help finding these products. Some are more available in certain countries than others.

1. Dr. Martins/Ink-intense colors, permanent
2. Dye/Ink-Ranger Ink Color Wash or Dyelusions-Vibrant colors, not permanent
3. Brusho-Soft colors similar to watercolor, not permanent
4. Koh-I_Noor-Brilliant Water based Dyes-Comes in a set of small pads of paint. Available in the UK.
5. Pebeo Colorex Ink
6. Acrylic Paint-permanent-not vibrant-permanent

Choosing colors: Consider the colors of the lining fabric. Use colors that will co-ordinate and compliment the fabric.

Paint Stick-small size, 1 color, Bronze or Gold (Optional)

White Glue-any good white PVA glue is okay
1. So-Bo
2. Tacky Glue

Other sewing materials

Fusible web (Bonda Web) medium weight- 2 pieces 20” square
Interfacing (UK: vilene) non fusible-medium weight, 20 x 22”

Assorted embellishment materials-approximately 24 inches of each
Colorful yarn, ribbons
Tinsel thread
Sparkle floss
Black Tule-12×12” approximately

Handle-Finished length=13 inches
Options: 2 sizes of beads-1/2 inch (diameter) or smaller assorted sized beads

Gauge must fit through the hole/select wire according to beads used
I generally use: 24 gauge for fine beads and 22 gauge for larger beads. Both gauges can be combined and twisted to hold a variety of sizes.

Select beads that compliment the box and/or the lining fabric.

Suggested beads for the handle:
Handle with mixed sizes: Czech glass Bead mixes, 2 packs
Handle with larger beads: Lamp work- Mixed Set, ½ diameter, size of hole: 3/32

The edges of the box will be finished with a satin/zigzag stitch. Sew with a color that blends with the lining fabric; either variegated or solid colors. Rayon has a slight sheen; rayon or cotton is fine.

Machine sewing thread-one of each
1. Sulky Rayon 40 weight or Mettler Cotton 50 weight or any brand you prefer
One color to blend with exterior of the box (Rayon or Cotton)
2. One color to blend with the lining fabric (50 weight cotton)

Card stock- White, Five sheets 8.5 x 11
Freezer paper-1 sheet minimum 16 x 20 inches
Masking tape 1 inch wide
Recycled foam meat trays
Containers to rinse brushes
Paper towels
Template plastic-size: 16 x 20 inches (*note-if the sheets are not large enough, plan to cut and join 2 sheets. Use clear shipping tape to join.)
Clothes pins-5-6
Hair dryer
Coat Hangar with clips, 1
Spray bottle (mist capable)

Permanent Marker-Black Fine point
Clear ruler at least 12” long
Paper scissors
Exacto knife, fine new blade
Self healing cutting mat
Chalk marking pencil, white

Sewing Machine with free motion, zigzag stitch capabilities
Fine sharp needle-Schmetz, Microtex, Sharp 60/8 or equivalent