A Fabulous View

Our house is located on a very narrow and short peninsula called a spit. There is water on both sides so we have views of the Bay and Puget Sound.

The beach has very fluctuating tides and the sand is mixed with rocks.

Our house has three floors. The ground floor has the entrance and two guest rooms and laundry room. The second floor is the main living area. And, of course the third floor is my studio.

This is the view from our covered porch on the second floor. This view changes constantly. This was a really foggy morning.

On a clear day Mr. Rainier is visible from the balcony looking another direction

You always hear about how rainy it is in the Seattle area. Well, yes it does rain more than I am used to but the rain is gentle and intermittent. Summer starts on July 5th. Yes, it really does.

I am ready for summer!