New Art

I have completed five new pieces.

This collection can be seen at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, Bainbridge Island Washington

The original inspiration came from this piece:

Circle the Block V 14"h x 31"w

Circle the Block V
14″h x 31″w

(Yes this is the source for my header above.)

The onset of this application began with a pieced composition that was good but the color was not. I would have liked the colors to be more vibrant. How can I accomplish that? Is there any solution for this composition? I thought that if I could enhance the color of each section that might work so I spontaneously began to cut small rectangles out of colors that would contrast and relate to the base color but also enhance it. I realized that putting one layer of pieces over the base color improved it but not quite enough. I began to place a second layer strategically and this worked. However, because I was working spontaneously, I didn’t think the process through and I begin to panic. How will I attach these without messing up the placement? They were too small to pin and too many. My only choice was to carefully carry it to the machine and begin to sew….while holding my breath. This was next to impossible but somehow I managed to sew each one in place.

I was so happy with the results I wanted to do another, but with a better method. I left it out where I could see it hoping I would think of a solution. A year passed and one day I decided to make another attempt. This time I would attach the pieces with adhesive.

I began with new gusto feeling confident that I could focus on the creative process rather than the method.

Fusing is done with a product called fusible web. This is an adhesive that is acid free and is a thin layer on a backing paper. The fusible web is applied to the back of a piece of fabric with an iron. The backing paper remains on the back until you are ready to fuse the fabric to a surface.

I sketched several compositions with a concept: While thinking about hand stitches and how they are rhythmic running in rows. I also set up sections similar to the original piece.

The stitches (as shapes) were enlarged within the sections. Using this concept I decided to make the first piece 12″ x 12″ with rectangle shapes about 1/2″ wide by 1 1/4″ long. circle the block I_detail

Using cotton fabric with various solid colors and batiks many shapes are cut out to have an assortment to work with. The shapes are layered with smaller rectangles in multiple contrasting colors. The colors interplay and create a vibrant texture and effect.


Circle the Block I in progress

Circle the Block I in progress

The process:

Each composition is divided into several sections. The base layer (background) was cut from several hand dyed cotton fabrics for each section. Specific colors are used to provide a vibrant background for the shapes. Strips of contrasting fabric cover the raw edges of the sections. Each section was developed separately with shapes in color collections.  Each section of the composition stands out but also integrates the composition.

The design, batting and a backing fabric are layered together and machine stitched with various colors of thread to add texture and further secure the shapes.

The process was tedious. As each section was developed more ideas for color combinations were realized. In addition to rectangular shapes, squares and circles found there way into the combination.

As the art developed inspiration from the enlarged stitch shapes evolved. Once the composition was complete I studied it and decided the design resembled cars parked in a parking lot. This made me think about looking for a place to park and often times we must circle the block to find the best lot.

Thus the titles: Circle the Block


Circle the Block I 12" x 12"

Circle the Block I
12″ x 12″

Circle the Block II

Circle the Block II
12″ x 12″


Circle The Block III 12" x 12"

Circle The Block III
12″ x 12″

Circle the Block IV

Circle the Block IV
10″h x 20″w

All of the pieces are mounted to painted canvas. They look really sharp hanging on the wall.

circle the block I_hangingA

Circle the Block II_hanging 2

Circle the Block III_hangingCircle the Block V_hanging