Form Not Function

Form Not Function-Quilt Art at the Carnegie the Center for Art and History

Opens May 8 through July 11, 2015

201 East Spring Street New Albany, Indiana

The Historic Carnegie Library Building

Reception: Friday, May 8th/6-8 p.m.

Music by” the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Quartet

I am honored to announce that my piece Circle the Block I is in this juried exhibition.

Circle the Block 1

Circle the Block 1


The Carnegie Center for Art & History is seeking applications for their juried exhibition “Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie.” This popular annual exhibition never fails to provide a stirring and extensive profile of the world of contemporary U.S. quilting. 

12th Annual Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie, May 8-July 11, 2015
This annual, juried exhibit draws works of art by artists across the United States and celebrates innovation and creative thought in the increasingly popular medium of art quilts. For a work of art to be considered for the exhibit, it must incorporate two or more layers held together with stitches, leaving room for the artists to fully exercise their creativity through a variety of techniques and mediums. Over the past twelve years, “Form, Not Function” has gained recognition for this evolving art form, and the Carnegie Center is proud to continue serving as a known venue for the exhibition of contemporary art quilts. This year, 27 quilts were selected out of the 532 submitted for consideration from 111 individual artists.

Affirmation-Two Acceptances


I entered two calls for entry recently. Two shows-two pieces accepted. I am delighted.

Carnegie Center for Art and History-Form Not Function 2015

Circle the Block 1

I sketch basic designs periodically. Several of them spoke to me and evolved into a series of five. Each piece was made with zillions of little pieces of fabric. First the sections were defined and then filled with rectangles, circles and squares with a circle cut out. Some pieces have two layers of color. Each piece has been stitched. Yes, this was tedious; yet addictive. The more I worked the more the colors mingled, contrasted and appeared to be moving. This motion reminded me of cars as if they were circling around (looking for a place to park). The circles and blocks and the act of “circling the block” produced the title.

Circle the Block 1-12x12"

Circle the Block 1-12×12″

circle the block 1_hanging 300

Circle the Block 1 side view

Circle The Block 1 in progress

Circle the Block 1-in progress

Circle the Block 1 detail of in progress

Circle the Block 1-detail in progress

Yeiser Art Center-Fantastic Fibers 2015


Imagine 28 x 55"

Imagine 28 x 55″

Imagine Detail 1

Imagine Detail 1

Imagine Detail 2

Imagine Detail 2

Medium: Linen, dye, organza, rayon thread

One of my favorite songs is IMAGINE by John Lennon. I love the word and I love to create and use my imagination.

The fabric is one piece of linen fabric. The design was created by Deconstruction Screen Printing.

Thickened dye was used with the silk screen to create the design. I used the word IMAGINE and wrote this word many times in various places on the screen. The thickened dye design is left to dry. The fabric is spread out and the screen with the design is placed on the fabric. More dye is added inside the screen well and then pushed through the screen with a squeegee. The dried dye blocks the wet dye from going through and creates a resist which shows the design produce by the dried dye. This process is continued over and over again; overlapping and repositioning with each pull of the squeegee. Various colors of dye are used for the design and more colors are used on the silk screen. As the process continues the dried dye begins to soften and break apart (deconstruction). This deconstruction creates a multitude of effects including partial designs. Some of the words are more visible and clearly defined and some are barely recognizable. The process is done with quite a bit of pressure to aid in the deconstruction of the dried dye. This takes several hours to complete a piece this size. And when done there is no dried dye left on the screen.

IMAGINE is outlined with free motion stitching in rayon thread.

Hand cut squares of organza are scattered over the surface.

Seattle Center Exhibit

Currently I have two pieces accepted to the Seattle Center exhibit. The theme of the exhibit is The Next Fifty.

Next 50 Home

size 28×48″

Imagine All The People
Size: 15×20″

On October 21st the festivities will conclude the six month focus on this theme.

Here is the schedule:

10am – 5pm   Celebrating Century 21 exhibits: international fountain pavilion photography, quilts and historical memorabilia

11am – 7pm   World Vision Experience – Step Into Africa exhibit next 50 pavilion

12 noon   Women Acting Out: playhouse / intimate  Laurie Anderson and Local Artists Explore the Role of Art in Civic Action

12 noon – 6pm   Food Trucks and Carts * seattle center campus
Jemil’s Big Easy • Fresh Plate • Kaosamai • Veraci Pizza • Lumpia World • Curry Now • Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff • Chopstix Mobile • And More!

1:30pm – 2pm   Closing Ceremony fisher pavilion

 2pm – 3pm   Seattle Symphony Concert fisher pavilion Ludovic Morlot, conductor  International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) Seattle Symphony

• George Gershwin • John Cage  • Ludwig Van Beethoven • Claude Debussy  • Hector Berlioz

Cuban Overture  Variations III   International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) Leonore Overture No. 3, Op. 72b
Fêtes (“Festivals”) from Nocturnes   Roman Carnival Overture

3:30pm   Land of Pines, courtesy of Fin Records fisher pavilion

 4pm   Extraordinary Futures Student Breakdancing Showcase fisher pavilion

 4:15pm  SEACATS, courtesy of Fin Records fisher pavilion

4:30pm   Pat Graney – Modern Dance Performance international fountain area The Chair Spectacle 


San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

Three of my pieces have been accepted to High Fiber and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

High Fiber

Opening: October 20th, 6-8 p.m.

Exhibit dates: October 20 through November 4th

In Balance

Balancing Act


Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery August Exhibition

I was honored to be invited to show my art work for the month of August at the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery on Bainbridge Island. The theme was “textile artists thinking about water”.  The exhibit was cohesive with beautiful sculptural wood by one artist that added a dynamic contrast.

This video is a tour of the wall that my work filled. Unfortunately the color is not accurate. The main color in the palette is aqua.

Four pieces sold. One was purchased by a woman who is decorating a little house in Ireland.  The other three pieces are proudly hanging in my neighbor Cheryl Lannoye’s home.

The gallery staff did a fine job and made the collection look fantastic;  I was totally pleased. Opening night attracted quite a lot of people. The energy in the room was electric.

The follow day, Saturday, I was invited to give a demo of my hand work. My granddaughter Madeleine joined me.

Madeleine prepared for this event. She visited me two weeks prior to learn embroidery. She picked it up right away. She brought a drawing of a landscape that she wanted to sew. She wanted a unique background so I took out various fabrics and cut some small squares allowing her to pick and place the colors where she wanted. I stitched them together to make a 7×9″ piece. She knew exactly where she wanted certain colors and values.

Madeleine’s landscape background

She started with the tree and included a shadow. She couched on nubby yarn to create the tree trunk and tree foliage. The sun is in the right top corner thus the angle of the shadow. We had a discussion about what color shadows are. She got it right, a darker value of the same color. (Some people think all shadows are gray.)  She used a seed stitch to depict the texture of the grass in the area of the shadow.

My daughter Michelle was with us at the demo.

A perfect event.


On Sight Demonstration

August 4th my granddaughter Madeleine and I will give a demonstration for one hour at 12:30 p.m. at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery. We will show how to add beads and decorative stitches by hand.

Madeleine will be working on her landscape and I will work on a collage.

Please stop by and visit us.





New Website, Blog and Artwork


About a year ago I lost track of keeping up with my website. I also fell into a slump with my artwork. A serious personal problem interfered with my life resulting in a complete stall. Many months passed and I became more and more distressed about my situation.

Needless to say, I did not utilize my website and blog at all.

Recently I attempted to post on my blog and since it had been so long since I was last on it, there were MANY changes that developed with the theme, the plugins, the whole package needed updating. Well, I attempted to do that and after many hours of attempting to sort it out, the site became virtually inaccessible. I had to face the grim reality that I would have to start fresh. The site was old and outdated anyway. The art that was shown was not anything like what I create now. So, this was a good thing, but could I pull it off?

Well, here I am a few days later writing the first blog post on my new site: It is barely defined but I like what I see and I am learning as I go. Thus, this first post is lengthy, bringing things up to date.


Last winter, I decided to take an online course with Lisa Call titled Working In A Series. This was such an amazingly thorough presentation which did help unlock my creative mind and begin to think about making art again. I enjoyed taking the course and being able to work at my own pace in my own studio. I really liked some of the pieces I made. Although, I did not choose a topic for a series that got me motivated on my own. Lisa offered another course soon after titled Abstraction. This appealed to me as well. Again, a very comprehensive course with enough links to last a lifetime. Lisa doesn’t leave one rock unturned. Again, I liked some of the work but I did not come away with a break through as I had hoped. I did sort out and rule out a lot so this was helpful.

In January I received an invitation to exhibit for the month of August at a local gallery Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, located on Bainbridge Island. Theme : inspired by water. What a great theme! I was honored to be invited and this was exactly the motivation I needed to get productive again.

In the Working In A Series course, Lisa stressed how important it is to refine your series down the the basic elements. To focus on those until you have exhausted the subject.For example, I chose leaves because I seem to always include them in my work in one way or another. So, to refine this I narrowed the series down to A. a single leaf B.size: 15×15″

During the courses, I learned the value of sketching and writing (journaling). I sketched for weeks and wrote about water defining  how water inspired me.  The main components I came away with were A. movements of water (currents) B. colors of water, a color palette, with the colors of the Caribbean waters, which are my favorite.  Next I spent weeks searching online for particular fabrics that reflected the palette.

Unfortunately, the more I sketched and wrote, I gradually became reluctant to start sewing. I was not used to turning sketches into actual art.  Lisa also says you just have to make a lot of art. Some will be good and some will not. So, eventually with this in mind, I dove in and started sewing. The first attempt utilized one of my sketches. However, the more I worked on it, I knew it was overworked. I had too much riding on one piece. It was hard to put it aside and admit that I needed to move on, but I did.

Next, I decided to pull out all of the fabrics that inspired me the most and concentrate on the palette alone and “experience” the fabrics. I wanted to let them talk to me and I was ready to listen. I began to do some simple piecing. Before long I had  composition that pleased me. This composition inspired me to do some hand embroidery. I liked the interaction of the fabrics and wanted to now enhance the surface with hand embroidery; furthering the water theme with stitches that contrasted in value and texture keeping with the water theme.

Blue Lagoon (detail)

While I was searching for fabrics I came across one that really caught my attention. It was a screen printed fabric from the 1960’s. It had the perfect colors and movements. It was a barkcloth fabric which had nice texture.

Screen Printed Barkcloth, 1960

The finished piece came together quickly and restored my spirits. I was truly inspired by my concept of water and pursued utilizing my refined components: color palette and water currents.


 This piece broke ground and now I have completed several others and have cohesive body of work that I am very proud of.

Thank You Lisa!

And, the personal problem is gradually resolving.



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