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I have uploaded all of my artwork. There are now 42 images. This collection is from 2010 to now. In addition, I have updated the menu on the home page. Instead of having one gallery I have created two galleries. The main menu tab is titled:  GALLERIES with two drop down menus below.

 Textile Paintings


Mixed Media

The textile paintings are made with various fabrics. The mixed media pieces are made with various materials. Such as: fabric, assorted papers, wire, buttons, beads. In addition various methods are combined. Such as: Painted fabric, painted paper, paper combined with fabric as “paper cloth”, collage, hand stitching, hand embroidery, to name a few.

Each gallery shows eleven thumbnail images on each page in one column. This makes it easier to see each one separately. Click on an image to see the full image.

I think this is a big improvement. I hope you enjoy seeing all of my artwork. Let me know what you think.



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  1. I like the changes you’ve made to your website. The ability for visitors to see the accumulation of work you have completed since 2010 provides an insight into the type of work your like to create. I appreciate your work and look forward to continue following your creations. Darlene

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