Mixed Media

I have gravitated to mixed media. I love experimenting. Mixed media is all about the adventure. Most of my mixed media has stitching of some sort. I enjoy working on various kinds of paper.

I learned about a technique called STACKED JOURNALING. I discovered this on Judi Hurwitt’s website.

I have on a program on my Ipad (app $6) called Procreate. The program lets you paint or draw with your finger or a stylus pen; I use my finger.  It is fabulous! If I had had something like this as a kid you would have never seen me. I draw all sorts of things. I really like to use it on a long plane ride.

Judi uses it to actually write sentences. I decided to use one or two words and repeat them over and over. I use primarily use the ink pens that have 8 types from technical pen (very fine) to Gesinski Ink (very wide). What I discovered with the words is that each word has a rhythm. I have used the words: Drift Away, Rock and Roll, Relax, Frustration, Physics, Rhythm, Awesome and more.

Here are some examples of my style of stacked journaling.


2014-03-30 09.42.13









One looks more like a painting. I used an image of a collage I made and used it as the base layer and drew over it.





I also drew my logo. Then I made a stamp with it.003







I love to draw with an eraser.










I also play around with elements to sort out a potential composition. If I am out and sitting somewhere and I see something interesting I sketch it. Like purses. Now that I have been making denim bags, I notice the styles of purses

Check out PROCREATE!


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