Deb in Santorini, 9-2016

Deb in Santorini, 9-2016

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I LOVE to meet new people and share time making art! I especially like to create a relaxed
and fun atmosphere where enthusiasm will flourish. I confess…I am so joyful with my
presentations that the spirits rise and we all have a very good time together


All of the courses can be structured to fit a specific venue and various schedules.

  • Drawing from Life-Presenting Classical Drawing  Methods  for Beginner to Intermediate Levels
  • Mixed Media-Various courses that have unique applications of a mixture of mediums; some include hand and/or machine sewing.



Presented on location.

Drawing is the basis for ALL types of art. This foundation is essential for ANY medium.  Learning to draw is fun and very satisfying. It can be done anywhere with minimal tools. Join me! Soon you will realize to wonders of seeing and drawing the world around you.

Focus: Methods: Visual observation, measuring and shading

Developing visual observation skills of our 3-dimensional world is primary. This skill combined with visual measuring methods will enable you to scale and arrange a composition of a 3-dimensional subject onto a 2-dimensional surface.  Shading: Various styles of shading are explored. Shading is key; shading creates the illusion of volume and depth.

Every person is unique and this will translate into a “style”. Personal style is encouraged and promoted.

Four to Six 3 hour Lessons-per session

Drawing from Life Supply List


Presented both online and on location.

Take out Box-Description


This clever design of the Take out Box amazes me with the simplicity and ingenuity.  When it is opened and laid flat It is an “x”. The ends fold up and hold the box together at two points; and the top interlocks.  I will provide the pattern and instructions and you provide the originality. You will create your very own one of a kind Take out Box.

Three Lessons-5 hours per lesson

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The luminary is a glass cylinder that is covered with painted paper and sheer fabric. No sewing required.

A translucent original art paper surrounds a glass candle vase with a motif.  Leaves are one option and are repeated on the lining, as embellishments and base.

The course is designed with options for personal interpretation.





  • Various sizes and shapes of glass containers
  • Open theme
  • Any colors
  • Any type of embellishments

Two 5 hours Lessons-per session

Luminary-Supply List


Zen Wreath-Mini-Description

Zen Wreath-Mini

Zen Wreath-Mini

The trademark of my art is: I strive to make the techniques and methods indiscernible. This project is a perfect example of this. The layering effect creates a mysterious and beautiful result.

In this course, the piece titled: Zen Wreath, 18 x 18” is the inspiration; a mini version of this is made in the course about 10 x 10” or 7 x 11”.

I selected specific colors to create a vintage effect; however, any color palette is acceptable.
A single layer of painted silk organza is layered over light weight neutral color linen.
A wreath is aligned in the center and is adorned with four flowers, four buds and a small bird. These are made from painted and strengthened tissue paper which is fused in place and then defined with machine quilting. The “grapevine” wreath is stenciled to the linen with acrylic paint.
The background (open area) has been quilted with a running stitch (alternatively, machine quilting).
Patterns are provided~Originality is encouraged.

Four 5 hour lessons-per session

Zen Wreath-Mini Supply List

Meadow Orchid-Description

meadow-orchid-full-wm-600Primary Subject and Focal Point: A fantasy orchid flower. It is arranged to appear as if it is growing from the mossy environment of a forest floor. The flower is created “free form”. The design is symbolic of a classic botanical; a single flower with roots exposed. The roots: couched yarn, butterflies: Angelina fibers.

Three 5 hour Lessons-per session

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