Drawing from Life Supply List

drawing-of-shoe-600-wmSketch Book
A good weight for paper is at least 70 lbs. white or off white paper, minimum 9 x 12”. The best weight is 93 lbs. Paper can be smooth or have a slight texture. Stick with paper that has minimum texture in the beginning. If the paper has too much texture the graphite (lead) will sit on top and compensate shading.

The products can be purchased online on Amazon.com. Most of the art supplies can be purchased locally at Wal-Mart and Michael’s. (USA)

I prefer a wire bound book so the pages can be torn out. My preference is: Bee Paper-Aquabee, slightly off white; super deluxe, 93 lb. 60 sheets

Strathmore Sketch 400 Series Pads
Another good product is made by Strathmore, series 400 is the higher quality.

Note: If you already own sketchbooks, and like them, please use them! You can wait to see other types that I have before you decide whether or not to purchase a different type.
One each: 2b, hb and 6b. Good quality, such as:
Alternative: I found this set on Amazon

I like a pencil called EBONY. It is a fantastic pencil because the lead is very creamy and can be used with various pressures to get both light and dark graphite effects. Here is a link for it on Amazon.

Carpenter pencil-flat wood pencil, home depot (or hardward store), buy 1
Kneaded eraser
White eraser
Pencil sharpener for large size pencils
EXacto knife (for sharpening) (razor knife)
Drawing board-It is helpful to have a nice smooth firm surface to place your drawing paper on.
A thin piece of smooth wood size: about 15 x 12” or near that size. Masonite or Lauan are good smooth wood choices. You may draw from your tablet or tape a piece of paper to a drawing board instead. It is helpful to orient your observations.

Here is a good one to buy on Amazon: Artist Tote Board 13 x 17”

Blending Tool

If you are accustomed to blending with a tool feel free to use this. Blending will be covered but I do not promote the use of a blending tool.