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Small Works-BIG Talent

Kristina, 9 x 12"

Kristina, 9 x 12″

My piece titled: Kristina has been accepted into an exhibit at Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.


Artist Reception Thursday December 1

6:30-9:30 pm

Exhibition runs December 1 through December 30, 2016

577 S. Coast Highway A-1

Laguna Beach, CA

I must exclaim how exciting this acceptance is! I returned from a month of travel to Europe in September and October of this year; primarily, Amsterdam and Vienna and small towns in between. The art that I saw definitely inspired me. When I returned I immediately began to paint.

Read my blog post about that trip here

If you live within the vicinity of Laguna Beach….take time to visit this gallery. I understand that the openings are quite a fun with live music included.

Silk Prints with Textile Paints

Printed Silk #1

Printed Silk #1

I had a play day recently. A very good friend of mine paid me a visit. We have very similar interests in textile art. She had taken a five day workshop and learned how to apply interesting designs with procion dyes and various tools and applications. She invited me to take out some fabrics and play! I used textile paints instead of dye. The results were fast, fun and turned out fabulous!


The application is very basic:

  1. Spread the paint onto a smooth surface; I used a sheet of plexiglass.
  2. Use tools to scratch and draw designs into the paint. I used soft plastic texture tools.
  3. Place the fabric face down onto the surface.
  4. Gently press the fabric with a sponge roller.


The consistency of the paint is important. The paint will soak through the fabric and show through to the back. The weight of the fabric is relevant. If it is thin the paint will soak up fast and the opposite if it is heavier. This is an experimental activity. I did spray some water on the back of one of the pieces of cotton as the fabric was lying on the plexiglass to encourage the paint to attach. This made a blurry effect, which I like too. I was able to get two prints with thin Habotai silk.


White cotton fabric

White cotton fabric

I decided to stick with black paint.

I used plain white cotton to begin with. This example is actually 3 pieces of printed fabric that I have pinned together. About 24″ x 12″.




Eco dyed silk

Eco dyed silk

I switched to eco dyed silk. I had several beautiful eco dyed pieces that I loved but I knew they needed to develop further. Wow! This fabric performed the best of all. It is very old Japanese silk that I eco dyed last year. This picture is of 3 printed pieces that are pinned together for consideration.

I think the best way to go forward with this one is to machine quilt it with black thread so that the lines are not noticeable. I think it will be stunning!

Eco dyed silk #2

Eco dyed silk #2

This combination is two pieces of eco dyed silk. The top piece has been printed and is lying on top of another (un-printed) eco dyed piece. The top fabric has some beautiful subtle greens.



Eco dyed silk #3 is the flip side of the previous eco dyed silk #2.  It is lying on the same solid eco dyed piece for constrast, comparison and consideration.

Eco dyed silk #3

Eco dyed silk #3

So now I am staring at this wonderful new fabric from my paint easel as I am still painting on canvases. Read my previous blog post for details about that new adventure.

So, what do you think? Would you try this? It’s so easy! Let me know if you do. I would like to see pictures too.

Painting with Acrylics on Canvas

I have taken on a new adventure…painting acrylics on canvas! I did paint with oils many years ago in art school. I truly had blocked it out of my memory…almost. I honestly don’t know why. And, I don’t know why I haven’t painted before now. Only that I truly love working with textiles.

deb-amsterdam-9-2016-600Recently I traveled with my husband to Amsterdam and sailed on a river cruise to Vienna. Wow, I had so much fun! And, the scenery is AMAZING!

The weather was good, mild and dry.

This photo of me is taken in front of the oldest art supply store in Europe…I was told.

The paper that the Constitution of the United States was made by this shop! I could have stayed inside for hours.


We visited a number of art galleries and museums. The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam was the best one. I was so absorbed in the art I saw and listening to the stories and evolution of art movements that…I came home totally compelled to paint!



Carmel, 11 x 14″

And, to my surprise I have painted five canvases so far and I like most of what I have done. I love feed back so please take a moment and leave a comment. I appreciate open “frank” comments too.

My style is slightly whimsical. I like to draw faces and so I am staying with that subject for now. I like big eyes with unique colors. I hope to improve in a number of ways. Mainly with expressions.

The first painting: Carmel



Kristina, 9 x 12"

Kristina, 9 x 12″


The second painting: Kristina

I have 3 more in progress.

Fresh with enthusiasm…I decided to enter these finished two into a competition. Low and behold…Kristina was accepted!

The show is at the Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach Ca.



The exhibit is : Small Works-BIG TALENT

Opens December 1-30th 2016

I am so happy about this acceptance!

My goal is to paint on larger the canvases. I love the dynamic power of a large painting.