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The Fiber Art Connection


The Fiber Art Connection
The Place to Explore Fiber Art and Connect with the BEST!

Read more information about the FIBER ART CONNECTION on their website here


I am delighted to announce that I will be one of the artists offering a week of online study for the next session.
Fiber Art Connection is a new venue. Check this out!
  • Are you ready for a truly unique online learning experience?
  • Are you craving that connection with other like-minded creative fiber artists from all over the world?
  • Are you passionate about your Art and does it feed your soul?

The Fiber Art Connection provides a creative meeting and learning environment for artists at all skill levels who want to connect and learn from some of the top Fiber Artists in our industry. We are all so excited you are here!    This will be a true interactive adventure!! 

The registration opens Feb. 15th. The actual session begins March 15. My week is scheduled for May 3rd.
I will be offering lessons on how to use unique mixed media techniques to create a composition similar to this one:
Zen_wreath 600 WM This is a simple design of a wreath with a bird in the center sitting on a branch. There are 4 flowers and 4 buds on the wreath as well.  The base is natural tone linen which is covered with a layer of painted silk organza.
There will be a pattern offered; however, I always encourage originality. Thus, the techniques may be used to make any composition you desire.
Techniques include:
  1. Fabric/Paper-How to make it
  2. Paint Tissue Paper and Silk Organza-How to paint it and utilize it.
  3. Basic embroidery stitches-as embellishments
  4. Running stitch-As quilting for the surface
wreath detail 400 WM


Registration is starting on February 15th!

In The Fiber Art Connection, gives you full access to 8 top fiber artists  (classes valued at over$1,000) and webinars(valued at $100 each) not to mention the live calls– this is the perfect way for you to connect with different artists each session. Learn different techniques, become an important part of our Online Fiber Art Community as you take your Art to the next level.