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Denim Clutch Bag

denim_clutch_side b_300

Clutch bag folded size 7.5″

I love clutch bags. A clutch bag is a simple shape which can be any size and any fabric.

I made one this week with black denim that I discharged. The results of the discharge are very interesting. The denim is from an old pair of jeans. The qualities of old denim in particular, appeal to me. The denim is very soft and yet the character is unique. The feel is warm and fun to hold, almost like a security blanket.

A finished folded clutch bag is basically a rectangle. I like to make them with a zipper and without. This one does not have a zipper.

Free Motion Denim-Demo

denim_clutch_side a_300

Clutch bag opened flat, size 13.5″

I made another clutch bag with a zipper. The zipper is on the opening. The bag can fold over to either side. Each side has a different look.

denim_bag_zipper_full view 3_200

Clutch bag with a zipper, view 1

Clutch bag with a zipper, view 2

Clutch bag with a zipper, view 2

I also like to make pouches with a zipper. These are very useful. I use them for jewelry, cosmetics and more.

Denim pouch, view 1

Denim pouch view 1

denim_pouch_view 2_200

Denim pouch view 2