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Website Redesign in Progress-Denim Bags

I finally gave in and decided to have this website redesigned. Anyone who uses WordPress for their website knows how often the updates are issued. This eventually becomes problematic. I have hired Holly Knott to do this work. She is very talented and also makes art quilts. I am very excited about this change. I estimate the new site to be up by mid-March.

In the meantime, I have continued my focus on sewing with old denim. I love the feel. I love the comfort of it. I made a bag for all three of my grandchildren for Christmas. The first two are conservative and practical, for the boys. The third, for my granddaughter, took a completely different direction.. What fun this was! This bag took a lot longer and I almost didn’t finish it by Christmas day. I was still hand sewing the edges as we drove to their home. All three kids love their bags. I wrote sentiments on the inside and the date.

I am optimistic that these bags will connect me with specific people who will embrace them for art as well as a functional bag.

Major concern:

To be copied or added to Pinterest. I admit, I truly don’t think anyone could actually copy me, but, rather take the concept. Thus, I will only show sections of the bag here

The denim used for this bag was prepared by a process to remove some of the indigo dye. I used shibori techniques and loved the results. Each type of denim produced a unique coloration. This truly amazed me and prompted me to think about a completely different look.


I used original stamps and cut stencils to apply various colors of paint. Her favorite color is purple so that is the main color. The body of the bag is constructed with sections of jeans mixed together. Any pockets are left open and usable. This is challenging. Some motifs are outlined with hand stitching.








Yo-Yo’s, lace and buttons as embellishments.

More to come about denim bags in my next post.



Forever Blue Jeans

L_side2_RI recently discovered how much I like to sew denim, primarily old blue jeans. The older the better. Stains, holes, faded…I love it all!

I have asked my friends to save their blue jeans for me. I’ve got a good start on a collection already. A project I decided to do for Christmas was to make denim bags for my three grandchildren. A sturdy bag that they could use for carrying things, like books from the library. This didn’t come to me until the first week in December. I didn’t think it would take much time to make them. So I began on the bag for the little guy, Liam, 5 years old. This went fast and I was encouraged. This is the front which was primarily a denim dress I got at a 2nd hand store. The denim was stretchy and soft, thus the bag is sort of floppy.

The capital L is made of soft leather and stands for Liam.L_side_R   The patch on the front top was too thick, thus a curve developed there which I liked. That patch is actually left of center. The Right side has a pocket and is trimmed in the same leather. The inside was left unlined, instead I put a wide facing and hand stitched it down. Hind sight: I would sew a complete lining, put right sides together and turn down the top edges and top stitch.  All of the seams were overcast and top stitched in various ways. I used authentic jeans thread which is very thick.

The second bag is larger. I made it basic to look masculine. This one has red ultra suede trim.

A_front_RI combined several types of denim.

The upper right patch is more of the dress.

A_back_RI came up with a logo that is an outline of a red heart with a G in the center. G for Grammie.


I wrote inside of each bag. Including names, dates and sentiments.

T0tal time: 16 hours.